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"If You Are Thinking About Doing Market Research To Create Information Products... Don't Do A Thing Until You Read This Letter... It Will Save You Thousands Of Dollars Before You Even Begin And Teach You The Laser-Precise Way To Make Your Product Exactly What Your Prospects Have Been Looking For (They Won't Be Able To Hand Over Their Money To You Fast Enough)!"

(And what you find here isn't available anywhere else in the world!)

Dallas & Kerrie KelsoPress play to hear how to save thousands in starting out and make even more in profits in the future!

Dallas & Victoria Kelso
Wednesday, 10.47am

Dear Friend,

     Imagine the pain of spending hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars preparing a product, setting up a website and marketing that product to find that what you're selling isn't what the customer wants (and making little or no sales as a result)! Ouch!

FACT: The majority of people trying to make money on the internet do exactly this and they pay for it big time with wasted time and money! Don't be one of them!

    Now imagine for a moment that before you spend a cent on making a product or marketing it, you know (from real research and surveying) exactly what your market wants in your product (even the specific questions they want answers to)! You'd know even before getting started that they'd buy your product...... because they told you that's what they wanted! How could you lose! (And think about what this little gem of marketing brilliance could do for your bank balance)!

    Well imagine no more! Introducing.....


Merchant fly catcher products for market research   "I could have wasted between $2000 - $5000 making an information product that would never sell... Until I found Merchant Fly Catcher... But The Best Part Is That Is Is So Automated!"

“ is designed for people who want to research, market and sell highly profitable products!”

This system is for people who would rather automate the process of pre-marketing and product creation, than learn technical things like HTML, Web page creation, File Transfer Protocol, Forms etc… With Merchant Fly Catcher , all you need to know is the market you want to research, and our system does the rest for you!

“I Know That Information Products Sell – But I Need To Get The Research Done First!”

One of the enduring truths of the Internet marketplace is that information products – whether e-books, tapes or disks – sell very well in the niche marketplace. People are willing to pay money for products that answer common questions about topics they are interested in.
  • Bird watchers will buy an e-book that helps them find more birds.

  • Aspiring musicians will pay for books that will help them learn how to play their favorite instrument.

  • Job seekers will buy e-books telling them how to find a new career.

  • Etc…
This is true no matter what the information product you want to sell – be it CDs, Tapes, DVDs or other electronic files!

Better still, once an e-book or other information product is created, you don't have to pay much – if anything – for additional copies. With e-books, once you pay to have the product written, each and every copy you sell costs you nothing!

The problem is that most of us are not experts in dozens of subjects and don't know what a potential consumer wants to know. That is where the market research comes in.

You can build a site dedicated to asking potential customers what they want to know and then use their information to create your product.

It's that simple!

Merchant flycatcher website is priceless...

John Maya
Hi Dallas,

Your merchant flycatcher site is priceless. Being a computer novice like myself I found it pretty time consuming going to all these other different sites, doing the research, creating, setting up campaigns & then tracking them. It's a great relief knowing that now I only have to go to one site to do all that & more. It's like a one stop shop which is saving me alot of time, stress & money. What you have put together is a must have for anyone who is serious in creating informational products online.

Thanks Dallas for this great website.

John Maya,
Harrington Park, NSW, AUSTRALIA.

“But Setting Up Hosting For Web Sites Is Expensive!”

Of course it is possible to set up dozens of Web sites, each one dedicated to asking potential customers for market research information. The problem is that hosting these names even for a short period of time costs a lot of money and requires a good deal of effort. You could spend thousands of dollars before you even get a single product to market!

Merchant Fly Catcher solves this problem. We have set up an easy to search-and-find page on our sites. Right off the bat, you can access sub pages at any of these great domains:
  • Many, many more…
Once you choose the domain you want to work with, Merchant Fly Catcher will then build a unique customized page that will do all the hard work for you! You never need to buy your own domain for research again!

“Thanks, Ed And Frank!”

Before we go any further we want to say thanks to Ed Dale and Frank Kern for inventing the first “ Fly Catcher ” concept. Their idea was to create web pages that would exist solely to do pre-market research and caputure the email addresses of potential customers.

Quite simply these pages tell people that you are thinking about creating an information product about a subject they are interested in. Then they get to ask a question they want answered in your product. It's great because you not only are able to build your email marketing list, you can customize your products to what the market really wants!

We used this system so much that eventually we knew we needed a way to automate it – so Merchant Fly Catcher was born. Eventually friends of ours started asking to use our system – so we decided to make it available to the general public!

Don't Waste Time With Complicated Software!

In a perfect world, all of us would be masters at computer code and build our own systems to capture the complex data we need to fill our niche markets. The reality is that most of us are businesspeople - not engineers.

That's why many of us try to learn how to use HTML editors like Front Page or Dream Weaver. Unfortunatly those programs can be really hard to master.

That is the beauty of Merchant Fly Catcher - you never need to know any complex code, learn new software or understand FTPs. If you can use Microsoft Word, Merchant Fly Catcher can automatically build your cusotomized web page for you!

When you set up your Fly Catcher page , the system will automatically capture your important research data for you!

The site will take you through a simple step-by-step process that will allow you to create as many research pages as you want. You can even “split test” – asking slightly different questions on the same subject – to find out which page works best for you!

Access Your Research Data At Any Time!

When you use Merchant Fly Catcher for your niche market research your data is always stored in the system , so you can see your results whenever you need to. Better still, our system tracks which responses came from which pages. That means you can perfectly match which pages are producing the results you want – and which ones are not performing up to expectations.


Listen to
John Mifsud
Hi Dallas,

When I saw your new web marketing system I was surprised how simple it was...

John Mifsud

Time Is Running Out – You Need To Order Now!

Right now we are in the middle of changing to a new payment system. For this reason for a very limited time you can order our system for only $69.97 for 1 Full Year! Yes, you DID read this correctly! You would normally pay $200 per year, so you save heaps.

Pretty soon, however, we are raising the price of this system to $200.00 per year! That means that if you order in the next seven days you can save $130.00 per year!

Time is running out!

Order today and keep more cash in your pocket!

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“Is Merchant Fly Catcher Compatible With Other Marketing Systems?”

Please keep in mind that Merchant Fly Catcher is, however, a tool for your pre-marketing and not your entire marketing efforts.

That said, we understand that many businesspeople use the AskDatabase™ and Google Adwords™ as part of their ongoing marketing efforts. That is why we have designed Merchant Fly Catcher to work with both of these dynamic systems.

Merchant Fly Catcher even has a built in function that will store your customer's questions for you! Some people pay AskDatabase™ up to $29.00US a month just for this one function – which is a basic part of our system!

  • If you are using the AskDatabase™ system, all you have to do is copy and paste the code they supply you into Merchant Fly Catcher.

  • If you are using Google Adwords™ , you can input your tracking code into our system. This allows you to not only see who filled out the form and provided information, but also who actually clicked through to your site.

  • Google Adwords™ only allows you to use 2000 keywords in each campaign. Merchant Fly Catcher automatically does the sorting for you! Our system automatically breaks your data down into files of 2000 words or less and intelligently prepares your keywords into formats like - keyword and/or phrase, "keyword and/or phrase" & [keyword and/or phrase].
  • Altenatively, if you are already using a tool like, all you need to do is import the words, and we will automatically prepare your files to import to Google.

It's that simple! Plus there are many other features!

  • When you create your Fly Catcher campaigns, Merchant Fly Catcher creates your Thank You Page with the ability to simply and effectively add your own Google tracking code.

  • Creating your Fly Catcher page could not be any more simple. Using the systems in build MS Word "like" editor within your own web browser, you can make your pages look how you like, including the color, font - the whole look and feel!

  • Tracking the questions and stats are a snack with Merchant Fly Catcher - the system has catered for everything you need, so that you dont really need lots of other "plugin" services that each cost you money payments!

It does not matter if you are new to Internet Marketing or a Guru - the fact is that you can have your per-marketing research home and hosed in minutes!!

“I Couldn't Believe It Was So Easy To Build Your Own Unique Web Page!”

As we noted before, most of us in the Internet marketing community don't have complex technical skills. We have built Merchant Fly Catcher so that it can be used by almost anyone – no matter their level of computer experience. In fact, it was Victoria (13 year old) who co-created this product!

Better still – unlike many systems, you are not forced to use templates that will cause your page to look exactly like everybody else's (although we do provide you a choice of templates in case you want to use them).

To import your content, just type it in the same way you would with Word or any other standard word processing program. If you can type, you can get your content on the Internet!

Once you have your words in place, there are additional simple tools that allow you to alter the look and feel of your Merchant page by adjusting the colors, fonts, tables and borders. In other words, you are creating a unique Merchant page that matches your marketing vision!

You Will Get Real Valuable Analysis!

Getting data is great, but if you do not know what to do with your raw information it is useless. That is why Merchant Fly Catcher has built an easy to use analysis tool that allows you to track the trends of the questions your potential customers ask and the data they provide you.

When you use Merchant Fly Catcher you will not only get data – you will use it to make money on the Internet!


Listen to
Anna Holmes
Hi Dallas,

I just wanted to really thank you for inviting to...

Anna Holmes

Merchant Fly Catcher Is Guaranteed!

We know that Merchant Fly Catcher can help you gather the valuable niche market data that will help you sell products online. We know it works because we have used it to develop our own products.

In fact, we are so confident you will be happy with Merchant Fly Catcher that we offer the service Free for 1 Week! If you don't agree that it is helping you to easily generate the market research you need, simply tell us and cancel your subscription.

No if's, No but's, No Weasel Out Clauses - Your Subscription Cancelled!!

Order Today And Start Making Money In Your Niche Market!

Face it: every day that you don't have the information you need in order to bring a new product to market is a day that you are losing money. Many information products, once put online, sell themselves – but only if they really address the questions that your potential customers want answered. Don't risk customers wanting a refund from you just because you did not give them what they wanted!

That is why you have no excuse not to order Merchant Fly Catcher today. The system is guaranteed, works with major marketing tools and will get the job done in minutes.

Click here to order now and start doing research today! Remember - This Deal Can't Last! We are not even going to ask you for any money for a whole week!


For a limited time, you can now get Merchant Fly Catcher for 1 Full Year Membership for only $69.97. This is strictly for a limited time.

Order Now for fly catcher products!

Dallas & Victoria Kelso

P.S. – Remember you do not need any advanced computer skills to run Merchant Fly Catcher!

P.P.S. Remember – Order the Merchant Fly Catcher service today and if you are not fully satisfied you cancel your subscription– no matter what!

P.P.P.S. – Remember, when you use Merchant Fly Catcher you never need to learn any software like Front Page, DreamWeaver, HTML, FTP etc!

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